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Make plans to attend the following association-wide events:

KBA Women's Spring Meeting

March 25th @ 6:30pm, Dearing Baptist Church

Association VBS Clinic

April 19 @ 6pm, Wrens Baptist Church

Great Commission Rally & Missions Fair

April 28 @ 6pm, FBC Thomson

Keynote Speaker:

Buck Burch, GBMB State Missions Catalyst 





West Virginia Mission Trip

July 6-12th


Upcoming Events

Pastors Conference, Tuesdays @  10:30am KBA Office


Mar 2 Association VBS Team attends Regional Training @ Springfield, GA

Mar 3-10 Week of Prayer North American Missions

Mar 9 Ministers Wives Fellowship

Mar 25 KBA Ladies Spring Meeting

April 3 HBA/KBA Children, Youth, & High School Bible Drill, Wrens BC, 6:30 PM

April 19 Association VBS Clinic, 6pm @ Wrens Baptist Church 

April 28 Great Commission Rally, 6pm @ FBC Thomson

July 6-12 West Virginia Mission Trip

New Hope & Faith -  KOZ, It's Tool Time, February 24, 8 AM - 12PM Details

Sweetwater - Measure of Grace Concert, February 25, 6:00 PM Details

FBC Thomson - Wild Game Expo & Supper, March 16th Details

New Hope - Community Tent Revival, March 17th-20th, 6:30 PM. Details

Sweetwater - The Garden City Quartet,  March 24th, 6:00 PM Details

GBMB Worship & Music Connect Roundtable-Wrens BC

March 21st @ 6:00 PM
Dinner, Devotional, Open Forum Discussion

Registration is needed so there is an accurate head count for dinner.
More Info. and Registration:

Send Relief -
Serve Augusta

  • Churches Involved: 65 from 10 States

  • Total Projects: 35 (Served 8 Schools, 9 Churches, 19 Community Projects, & 1 Ministry Director

  • Volunteers: 770

  • People Served: 3, 402

  • Gospel Conversations: 540

  • Salvations: 24

Disaster Relief Unit 2F served with this event.

See more information on our Disaster Relief page.


Dates: July 6-12, 2024

Using your phone/tablet camera you can
scan this code 
for access to all
necessary forms.

WV QR Code 2024.1.jpg

Using the camera on your phone or tablet you can scan this code for access to the
Registration & 
Medical Forms only.

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February 2024 

Missionary Moment

Tim Batchelor

While we were in Ecuador this past trip one thing that impressed me is the devotion to prayer that the believers share. One day I traveled more than an hour to a remote community called Pucausha. After making some visits and meeting with a group of about 15 ladies and children who had gathered to share in Bible Study and worship, we went to visit a woman who had been sick. The lady wasn’t a believer but she received Christ during the visit. At the end of the visit the little group wanted to pray about her illness and soon the group of indigenous believers were praying with a fervency that I rarely see here in the USA for ten or fifteen minutes or more. Over the next several days I was part of a number of ministry visits where I witnessed a similar fervency in prayer.                                                                                       Read more 

KBA Media
Center Update

We have several new Bible Studies that you will want to explore in the KBA Library. Most come with video access to help with your preparation and presentation. Take a look at our new listings, then stop by to check out the Study Guide.

Gods Love.5.jpg

God's Love for Us"


“We love because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19-ESV)


Let us reflect on the second part of the verse: “He first loved us.” God’s love for humanity has always been in action, even before creation; for God is love. God proved His love for humanity in that He created Adam and Eve, knowing that He would one day have to send His Son to die for them. He further proved His love in that He sent His Son to die, not for a humanity that had turned to Him, but rather, a humanity that had rejected Him.

Read More


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