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West Virginia Missions

On July 9, around 140 volunteers from at least 13 different churches traveled to the Bluefield, West Virginia area where they led Bible School for seven churches in the area. David Harbeson led our construction ministry team and kept 20 to 30 volunteers busy throughout the week. The beautiful, cooler weather was a relief from the heat we had endured in our region prior to departure though we had rain a couple of days. There were several who had planned to come who could not because of Covid so we were concerned about the possibility of a Covid outbreak. Thanks to your prayers and the grace and help of Christ, we did not have any cases on the team or among Bible Schools throughout the week. This year’s team included more than usual first-time volunteers and new leaders for several of the VBS’s but every team worked together wonderfully and was able to accomplish the work they came to do. We saw professions of faith at every Bible School. Pastors and churches were encouraged as connections were made to the unchurched in their area, opening the door for the gospel. Glory to God! Thank you, Hephzibah and Kilpatrick Baptist Associations and churches for making this wonderful ministry possible each year.

Tim Batchelor

Associational Missionary HBA/KBA

West Virginia Mission Reports


MATOAKA:  What a blessing from our Precious Lord to weave a team consisting of 2 nationalities, 10 teenagers, 2 young adults, 2 children and 14 older adults into a beautiful blanket that covered the Matoaka area and Bridge Baptist Church with his love and mercies.  None of us had any idea going in how this team would fit together but it did so perfectly.  We fed over 150 locals every evening, averaged 60 a day in VBS and had 3 young lives to pray for salvation – they will be baptized this Sunday.  God is so GOOD and he proved it in every way, it was a terrific week, could not have asked for any better team!! Submitted by Terese Dixon of Wadley Baptist Church, HBA




OIL CHANGE STATION: The local Christian Action Center helped us find people that would greatly benefit from our oil change ministry at no cost. Our 3 member team was blessed to be able to do 29 oil changes, 2 brake jobs, 1 sway bar replacement, 4 damaged oil plug replacements, 1 transmission leak repair, and 8 trips to the auto part store! We passed out 5 Bibles and had the opportunity to witness to and pray with 22 people.

Submitted by Jeffrey Hoffman, Nick Hayes, and Warren Cliatt of Sharon Baptist Church, KBA


VBS at the park:  It was a joy for the Sharon Baptist team to come alongside Boissevain Baptist and Pocahontas Baptist Churches once again this summer for VBS in the park. Our 32 member team included a 5 member cook team, a nanny for Baby James, 8 youth and 18 adult VBS volunteers. We're so thankful for the three that joined us from Marshall Baptist and 8 first time volunteers! Aside from VBS in the mornings, we held community events on three evenings: Movie Night with Overcomer, a Cornhole Tournament, and a Community Cook-out/Slip & Slide for Kids. We greatly appreciate our cook team who tirelessly fed lunch to over 105 of us each day and Thursday evening. 

With over 80 total attending throughout the week and an average of 63, our highest attendance was on Day 2 with 66 attendees. But a greater blessing was seeing 9 children pray to receive Christ at the end of the week. He is worthy to be praised!   

Submitted by Susan Batchelor/Andy Collins



We enrolled 4 children and 12 adults.  VBS workers were 10. Some of our guys also repaired a leak in the church roof and replaced a concrete slab at the bottom of the wheelchair ramp. We took a gift basket and prayed over the pastor’s wife as she recovers from surgery and shared book bags and food with a church family who was dealing with COVID. We also left 50 book bags with the Pastor of Cooks Chapel where he is the Headmaster for Pipestem Christian Academy. Rosemont, Raysville, and Powell churches worked together to serve this sweet group of folks.  God used many hands to give encouragement to a Pastor and his congregation.


BLUEWELL: Ebenezer Baptist served at First Baptist Church Bluewell which is in Bluewell, WV. It was the first time we have been to this location and the first VBS they have had in 3 or 4 years. We had around 30-35 kids and 4 adults each day with 6 kids praying to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.


EDGEMONT: Team Edgemont included FBC Waynesboro, Botsford Baptist and a member from Wrens Baptist.

The bulk of the week was spent leading a VBS.  The pastor's desire was to try and build deeper relationships with some of the children that were already coming to the church and reach out to those nearby.  Although the overall numbers were smaller than some years past the crowd was very manageable and eager to learn. A highlight from the week was that there were 12 youth present every night.  We also were able to do an outing with their youth group and our group on Thursday to help continue those relationships.

During the week we did several service related projects.  Two days we actually blessed the Pastor and his family by assisting them with some projects around their house.  We also got to help pressure wash the ministry center in Princeton. Another one of our days was spent helping an elderly man whose wife has Alzheimers.

For many of our group this was their first mission trip ever. It was a joy to see them get engaged in ministry.  Our youth came home super excited about what they were able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

A personal highlight for me was our team time each night. We asked everyone to share their personal testimony with our group.  Some shared for the very first time.  We were all encouraged and built up from hearing each other’s stories.


CONSTRUCTION: Our team worked hard throughout the week. We pressure washed and painted the exterior of the mission house in Pocahontas. We helped pressure wash the exterior of Tender Mercy Ministries (Food Bank) in Princeton. We were then able to paint the exterior of Tender Mercy Ministries. A few of our guys also repaired the food bank’s riding lawn mower which will allow them to keep the grass looking great around the building.

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