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Missionary Moment May 2023 
by Tim Batchelor


.... I was also particularly busy that day and I already have as many hives as I can manage. We agreed to talk later in the day after he went over and got more information. A few minutes later someone from another one of our churches called me asking if I could help get a swarm of bees out of his sister’s back yard. I quickly realized that they were calling about the same swarm. He had a little more information so I agreed to get some equipment together and made my way to the address in Harlem. Even if I didn’t need the bees it was important to help brothers from the churches where I serve, particularly if I didn’t have to go too far out of my way to help. There I found a rather large swarm hanging about waist high on the bent over limb of a Leland cypress. Within ten minutes I had hived the calmest swarm I’ve ever handled and was in my car bees and all headed back to the office. A few days later they are busy turning that empty equipment into their new home. You have heard of “low hanging fruit."  Those were “low hanging bees.”   

        Sometimes we come across low hanging fruit in the work of the kingdom--easy opportunities that are right in front of us if we’ll only take a few minutes to tend to it. It could be an opportunity for a spiritual conversation with someone who needs to hear a word from the Lord. It might be an opportunity to share a tract or a Bible that could lead someone to Christ, the opportunity to invite someone to an event, or a phone call or a text encouraging someone. Maybe the low hanging fruit is a prayer answered if only you took time to ask. Too often we are too busy or our life is too full to take advantage of opportunities and so we pass. While we may not miss the opportunities that we pass up, the person who we might have blessed will have missed the blessing.

Baxley Children's Home Truck-loading Update

May 10th:  Mike Myers came bright and early this morning from Baxley to pick up all the supplies our churches have gathered. He was so appreciative of the generosity and expression of love through the giving of laundry detergent, dish soap, paper goods, canned goods, snacks and more. He said we don't realize the impact it has on the ministry with these children, proceeding to share how God has provided through many associations in a variety of ways. Even more exciting to hear was how God is working in the lives of the young people in Baxley as they celebrate the baptisms of 5 young people since January! Let's continue to pray for these young people and those ministering to them. We're all part of a bigger picture, and we truly have been blessed to be a blessing.

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