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The Kilpatrick Baptist Association supports our member churches in all of their ministries, including the foundational ministry of Sunday School. 2020 and 2021were tough years for churches, but the cursory investigations have shown that churches with committed Sunday School programs have endured the pandemic more robustly than others. Sunday School leads to the kinds of connections that can overcome separation and hesitation. Please see helpful resource links below from our Associational Sunday School Director, Dr. Matt Ward of FBC Thomson, followed by additional Sunday School Leadership Helps from David Miller. If your church would like more input or suggestions on ramping up your Sunday School, Matt Ward and Tim Batchelor are here to help. Contact the KBA office at or (706) 595-5324.

Plus, the following Sunday School Leadership notes by David Miller (former minister of education at Abilene Baptist Church and former IMB Missionary) may be duplicated for personal use and for church and associational training. For use outside this perimeter, please contact David Miller at for permission.

                                                Help! I'm a Sunday School Teacher: Ideas for Preparing My Sunday School Lesson, pdf

                                                  Help! I'm a Sunday School Teacher: Ideas for Delivering My Sunday School Lesson, pdf

Sunday School Teacher Training 1 Preparing My SS Lesson Say.. Mean ._edited.jpg
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