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Vacation Bible School

Summer is here! Find  the VBS theme/dates of our area churches below:

May 19-23, 5:30-8pm Breaker Rock Beach
Fellowship Baptist Church

June 3-6, 6-8:20pm Breaker Rock Beach
Bethesda Baptist Church

June 3 - 7, 6 -8pm The Great Jungle Journey
Mill Creek Baptist 

June 3-7, 6-9pm The Great Jungle Journey
Raysville Baptist Church

June 4-7, 6:30-8:40pm Breaker Rock Beach
Little Brier Creek Baptist Church

June 7-8, The Light of Our World
Fri 6-8pm, Sat 10-12pm, lunch following
Second Baptist Church

June 8, 10-2pm Outback Rock
Gibson Baptist Church

June 9-13, 6-8pm Twists & Turns

Dearing Baptist Church

June 9-13, 6-8:30pm Hometown Nazareth: 
Where Jesus Was A Kid

Sweetwater Baptist Church

June 10-14, 6-8:30pm Breaker Rock Beach
Marshall Baptist Church

June 10-14, 6-8:30pm Scuba (Group)
FBC Thomson Church

June 10-14, 9-12:30pm Breaker Rock Beach
FBC Warrenton

June 15, 10-3pm, Sports Club
New Providence Baptist Church

June 17-21, 6-8pm Breaker Rock Beach
Sharon Baptist 

June 17-21, 6-8:30pm Breaker Rock Beach
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

June 17-19, 6-8:30pm Breaker Rock Beach
Reedy Creek Baptist Church

June 21-23, 5-8pm Breaker Rock Beach
Mt Horeb Baptist Church

June 23-27, 6-9pm Breaker Rock Beach
Fort Creek Baptist Church

June 23-27, 6-9pm Breaker Rock Beach
Powell Baptist Church

June 24-28, 9-noon The Great Jungle Journey
Damascus Baptist Church

June 24-28, 6-8:30pm Camp Firelight
Union Baptist Church

July 26-28, The Great Jungle Journey

Fri 6-9pm/Sat 8-4pm/Sun 9-12pm
New Hope Baptist Church


What? No Children at your church? Why not do an all-church VBS and explore together God's Solid Rock Truth in a World of Shifting Sand, based on Romans 12:2, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Do you need help with ideas on how to start VBS at your church? Contact the KBA Office 706 595-5324 or

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