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(Hebrews10:39, NIV)

READ Georgia

   Read Georgia is a program where churches partner with local schools to work one-on-one with children on their literacy skills. WHY?

   For some, reading is a hobby. Others call it a chore. But for many in Georgia, it determines the future. Researchers have discovered one of the greatest factors for crime and poverty is the inability to read well by fourth grade. Children not reading on grade level by the fourth grade are 70% more likely to end up in JAIL or on WELFARE. Literacy ministries across Georgia are changing this reality for many children, and you can too.

   27% of Georgia's third graders who were tested at the end of the 2019 year were reading below grade level. We need to discover ways to help children succeed in reading. There are actions we can do, prayers we can pray, and resources available to make us aware and help in this great need here in our local schools. Working with schools, Georgia Baptists are helping kids succeed in life by HELPING KIDS SUCCEED AS READERS.



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Dates at Camp Pinnacle
Summer 2022


Mom and Me Two-Night

For girls who have completed K5-6

July 5-7   or   July 7-9

$315 pair


Younger Girls Weeks

For girls who have completed grades 3-6

June 20-25   or   July 11-15

$315 camper


​Teen Weeks

For girls who have completed grades 7-12

June 13-17   or   June 27-July 1

$315 camper


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